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Kelly Pride in Achievement Awards

...and the award for Kelly Pride in Achievement in the category of Activities goes to Edwin Adan of division 305

Edwin deserves this recognition because his active involvement in Kelly Security Club and other services which he provides for his school. As one of the leaders of the security club, Edwin helps other students by escorting them to their classrooms when they are late and provides assistance to the main and attendance offices. Edwin has also been an active in a number of other clubs and is always willing to give a hand to all students, faculty and staff.

...and the award for Kelly Pride in Achievement in the category of Academics goes to Daicy Cordova of division 313.

Daicy is a prime example of Kelly Pride in Academics. Daicy holds herself to a very high standard. She participates often during class, keeps meticulous notes, and turns in work that is the very best she has to offer. In addition, she is a self-starter who often takes a leadership role during cooperative learning situations. As a leader, she works well with other students and often assists others who don't understand the material to bring them up to higher levels of critical thought. She is polite, respectful, and a hard worker. Everyone in the class benefits from her presence.

...and the award for Kelly Pride in Achievement in the category of Community goes to Ruth Huerta of division 320.

Over the past four years Ruth has made extremely positive contributions to her school community, the AVID family, and the Model United Nations Club. As someone that is extremely concerned about the welfare of her classmates, neighbors, and even her fellow global citizens, this compassionate student has made a sustained effort to lend a hand to all three of the aforementioned groups. An affable and motivated student, she has an affection for empathizing with others and organizing her peers in successful community service projects. We look forward to seeing the impact that Ruth will have in her global community after high school!

...and the award for Kelly Pride in Achievement in the category of Athletics goes to Karina Cahue of division 470

Karina Cahue is the Captain of Pom Pons. She is a dedicated, energetic, positive, motivating, and a captivating individual who gives well over 100% every time she comes to practice or participates at an event! She is creative, focused and while sad to bring her high school career to an end, is endlessly eager to move on to college and continue her hard work. She definitely possesses the qualities necessary to be a leader and she does it with wit, humor, charm and charisma! Congratulations Karina.